Associate of Andrew Brietbart Says the “Obama Harvard Tapes” Will Come Out Within “A Week or 10 Days” – Video 3/1/12

Here is video of Sean Hannity discussing the life and passing of conservative Andrew Breitbart. A retrospective on Breitbart’s life is given, and then Hannity talked with Monica Crowley and Steve Bannon, who was working with Breitbart on a new website project.

At around the 3:50 mark of the video, Hannity asks Bannon about Andrew Breitbart having said recently at CPAC that he had tapes of Barack Obama during his college days that he would be releasing sometime this election year, tapes that would show Obama’s radical leanings. Bannon said they do have the tapes, and have been going through them carefully. He said within “a week or 10 days,” the tapes showing Obama at Harvard would be shown on the “Hannity” show.

Below is video of Breitbart’s speech at CPAC on February 10. He talks about the videos at around the 5:00 minute mark of the video:

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