Liberal Reporter Joe Klein on Obama’s Contraception Mandate to Religious Entities: “This is a Major Overstepping of the State’s Role” – Video 3/4/12

Miracles still happen!

Here is video of liberal journalist Joe Klein – of “Time” – actually sounding rational when discussing Barack Obama’s assault on Religious Liberty. He did not go quite that far – calling it an attack on Religious Liberty – but he did speak the truth:

“. . . I think that the strongest case that the Republicans have that’s been obscured by all of this craziness is that the regulatory state has gotten out of control.

And so that when you bring it down to contraception, you ask yourself, why, in a country where we don’t require employers to provide health insurance should we require them to – those who do provide health insurance – to provide contraception?

Now, I’m all in favor of contraception, but I think that this is a major overstepping of the state’s role.”

A “major overstepping of the state’s role.” That is an understatement, but it’s huge progress for Joe Klein!

Via NewsBusters

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