New RNC Ad Pounces on Obama’s Whisper Promise to the Russians: “After the Election” – Video 3/26/12

Great job by the RNC to pounce on Obama’s incredible statement to the Russians yesterday, that after his re-election he will have “more flexibility” on missile defense. Ominously, Putin puppet Medvedev responded, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir and I stand with you.”

This image, of Obama whispering to the Russians, needs to be a major theme of the Fall Campaign for the eventual GOP Nominee. The theme of Obama’s radicalism and the question of what he would do in a 2nd Term should be highlighted non-stop. We can’t afford a 2nd Obama Term – both in terms of what we know he will do and in terms of what he might do that we don’t know.

Below is a more extensive report from CBS News on Obama’s remarks and their context of missile defense:

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