NOW President Says Ann and Mitt Romney Don’t Have the “Life Experience” and “Imagination” to Understand Americans; Dem Rep. Maxine Waters Calls Mitt Romney “Mitt Rot-ney” – Video 4/12/12

It’s only April. Just imagine how unhinged the Democrats are going to become this Fall as they see Barack Obama’s defeat approaching in November!

Here is video of the President of the National Organization for Women (NOW) picking up where Democrat Strategist Hillary Rosen left off. Terry O’Neill essentially defended Rosen’s remarks, and added that Ann Romney and husband, Mitt, do not have the “life experience” or “imagination” to understand what American families go through. Of course, the Obamas – both Harvard-educated lawyers – do understand average Americans, we are supposed to believe. Funny how the super-wealthy Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy are no problem for Democrats to admire.

Then far-Left Democrat Maxine Waters added a nice touch by referring to Gov. Mitt Romney as “Mitt Rot-ney.”

Via NewsBusters

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