The Mitt Romney Campaign sent a message today to Barack Obama and his Campaign Team – they aren’t going to take it anymore without responding in kind. Mitt Romney has been repeatedly heckled by Leftist Obama minions at numerous campaign events. Today, when Obama’s Chief Adviser David Axelrod tried to attack Mitt Romney in a Boston Press Conference, he got shouted down by Mitt Romney supporters. As he spewed his talking points, the Romney supporters chanted “Solyndra” and “Where are the jobs?” Having failed in their Bain Capital attack, they are now turning to attacking Romney’s 4.7% unemployment rate (they prefer to say Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in job creation. Of course, they had been worse under Democrats before Romney took over) while he served as Governor of Massachusetts! I kid you not. Even though Barack Obama has presided over an economy with more than 8% unemployment for 39 months – despite promising that unemployment would never even go past 8% if he got his nearly $1 Billion Stimulus boondoggle. Expect to see more of this as the Romney Campaign pushes back hard against the Obama attacks.

REDSTATE: The Romney Campaign also offered this comparison of Governor Romney’s record to that of President Obama:


Romney’s Record:

Massachusetts’ Unemployment Rate Fell From 5.6% To 4.7% During The Romney Administration. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5/30/12).

Obama’s Record:

President Obama’s Advisors Predicted The Stimulus Would Lower Unemployment To 6% Today – But It Remains Above 8%. (Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, “The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan,” 1/9/09)


Romney’s Record:

Massachusetts Added Tens Of Thousands Of Net New Jobs During The Romney Administration. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 5/30/12)

Obama’s Record:

Under President Obama, The Nation Has Lost 572,000 Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 5/30/12)


Romney’s Record:

Boston Business Journal, January 2007: “Thousands Of People Are Re-Entering Massachusetts’ Work Force As Its Jobs Engine … Continues To Gain Traction.” (Boston Business Journal, 1/1/07)

Obama’s Record:

Los Angeles Times: “GDP: U.S. Economy Expands At Lackluster 2.2% Rate In 1st Quarter” (Los Angeles Times, 4/27/12)


Romney’s Record:

Governor Romney Closed A Nearly $3 Billion Shortfall Without Raising Taxes And Balanced Four Budgets.  (Pam Belluck, “Romney Candidacy Puts Massachusetts Economy In Spotlight,” The New York Times, 3/16/07)

Obama’s Record:

President Obama Has Projected The “Fourth Straight Year Of Deficits Over $1 Trillion.” (“Highlights Of Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Budget,” The Associated Press, 2/14/12)


Romney’s Record:

Governor Romney Left More Than $2 Billion In The State’s Rainy Day Fund.  (Editorial, “Vote For Romney On Saturday,” Charleston Post & Courier, 1/20/12)

Obama’s Record:

By The End Of His Term In Office, President Obama Will Nearly Double The Nation’s Debt Held By The Public. (Eric Stirgus, “Obama Setting Debt Record, Georgia GOP Says,”, 2/1/12)

Video via The

Mitt Romney Campaign Sends a Message to Obama Team: David Axelrod Shouted Down by Romney Supporters while Trying to Attack Romney for 4.7% Unemployment Rate while Governor – Video 5/31/12

Not just a bad decision or investment – “a serious conflict of interest on the part of the President. . “

Mitt Romney upped the ante today in attacking Barack Obama for his $500 Million+ giveaway of taxpayer money to the Solyndra “Green Energy” Company, that has already gone bankrupt.

To make his point, Romney actually went to the site of the Solyndra plant in California today where he pointedly said Solyndra represents, “a serious conflict of interest on the part of the president and his team.” He cited an independent report that said Obama had steered money to “family and friends” with the $535 million payoff to Solyndra.

Mitt Romney Ups the Ante on Solyndra; Visits Plant Location and Says – Solyndra Represents “A Serious Conflict of Interest on the Part of the President”; Cites Report that Obama Steered Money to “Family and Friends” – Video 5/31/12

Here is a new Republican National Committee (RNC) ad that keeps hammering Barack Obama for his taxpayer funded giveaways to so-called “Green Energy” Companies that had very little chance of success. All the warning signs were there with Solyndra, and others, but Obama spent your tax money (if you are one of the 50% who actually still pay taxes) anyway. Combined, Obama threw more than $6 Billion down the drain in this “investments.” He’s very generous – with someone else’s money.

New RNC Ad Keeps Hammering Obama’s Disastrous Wasting of Taxpayer Money on “Green Energy” Giveaways – Video 5/31/12

At the unveiling ceremony of his official portrait at the White House today, former President George W. Bush got off some great one-liners!

George W. Bush to Obama at Portrait Unveiling: ” As you wander these halls. . . you can now gaze at this portrait and ask, ‘What would George do?'” – Video 5/31/12

Here is video of the official portraits of former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush being unveiled in a White House Ceremony today.

Official Portraits of former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush Unveiled in White House Ceremony – Video 5/31/12

Via The

Gov. Mitt Romney attended a fundraiser in California last night, where he picked up the official endorsement of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, among others. Rice has been mentioned as a possible Vice-Presidential running mate for Romney. A “pool report” from reporters at the event write the following about remarks made by Rice last night:

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – Pool Report: . . . Remarks at length below:

Secretary Rice was warmly welcomed by the crowd.

Her remarks:

“It’s a delight to see so many friends…I’ve now been out of Washington for over three years…how much fun it is when you know you could be in Washington, but you’re here. My life has changed a lot. Now, I get up in the morning and I read the newspaper and I say…isn’t that interesting? “Because I’m no longer responsible for what’s in it.”

“We care about the future of this country, and the future of our world,’’ she said, and I’m “delighted to join so many friends here in supporting, and in my case, endorsing, Gov. Mitt Romney for President of the United States.”

“Today, more than ever, we need U.S. leadership to affirm that the future belongs to free markets and free peoples.” .

“To regain that leadership, we’ve got to first and foremost defend the country,’’ she said. After 911, the country was safe because “it was not because the terrorists weren’t trying, it was because of the vigilance…because men and women volunteer to defend us at the front lines of freedom, and we owe them our eternal gratitude.”

More Rice: “We have to defend the country, not just from strength and power, but from a sense of values of who we are,’’ she said. “Friends, who just want to know, that when the chips are down, we are going to be there for them….and that indeed we know the difference between friend and foe.”

More Rice:

“The POTUS has to understand that the American people have a view…and that our leadership can not be (reduced to) “the lowest common denominator postions.”

“The only thing the American people dislike more” than weak leadership, she said, “is no leadership at all.”

America’s leadership “is craved in the world, and Gov. Romney, you can bring it back,’’ she said to applause. . . . Read More

Report: Condoleezza Rice Endorses Mitt Romney at Fundraiser; Slams Obama on Providing “No Leadership at All” – 5/30/12

Here is video of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on “Hannity” last night, where he said “clearly,” Barack Obama is “demonstrating weakness” in his statements about the military history of the United States, and said he is part of the “blame America first crowd.”

Via Gateway Pundit

Donald Rumsfeld: Barack Obama is “Clearly” Part of the “Blame America First Crowd” – Video 5/30/12

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here is a video report by NBC’s Chuck Todd on new NBC/Marist Polls that show Mitt Romney and Barack Obama virtually tied in three key battleground states: Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. The report mentions the polls briefly and also reports that Obama called Romney yesterday to congratulate him on securing the GOP Presidential Nomination.

I’ll work on getting all these state polls updated this morning as well as the Electoral Vote Projection Map. It’s been a very busy week and I’m behind! This is good news for Romney because these polls are “Registered Voter” polls, which typically tilt toward the Democrat. For him to be even with Obama in the “Registered Voter” polls means it’s actually probably better than that. We’ll see if that trend continues in other polls in the weeks ahead.

New NBC/Marist Polls Show Mitt Romney Virtually Tied with Barack Obama in Key Battleground States of Iowa, Colorado, Nevada – Video Report 5/31/12

Here is video that aired on “Fox & Friends” this morning, put together by an associate producer. The video is a compilation of Barack Obama’s four years of claiming he will bring “Hope and Change.” It compares at multiple points Obama’s promise of “change” to the reality of his disastrous policies.

Very revealing.

“Fox & Friends” Video Compiles Four Years of Obama’s “Hope and Change” vs. Reality – Video 5/30/12

Here is another new Mitt Romney web ad that focuses on how he stood strong with Ann Romney when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a number of years ago. The ad is called, “Soul Mate.”

Romney Web Ad Focuses on His Strong Stand with Ann through her Battle with Multiple Sclerosis: “Soul Mate” – Video 5/30/12

Here is a great new Mitt Romney web ad that is called, “The Promise of America.” It basically has the feel of, “Just hold on America – better days are coming!” Just a few more months of the Obama Economy.

New Mitt Romney Web Ad: “The Promise of America” – 5/30/12

Here is video of former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu on CNN this morning where he just destroyed Soledad O’Brien as she again and again asked questions about Donald Trump’s “birther” views. O’Brien was obviously speaking directly from the Obama Campaign’s talking points, and John Sununu called her out for doing so. Sununu told her she “ought to be embarrassed” for her obvious bias for Barack Obama and called “CNN” as an entity a “supporter” of Obama. Sununu told her it is clear the media does not want to focus on the major issues facing the nation, such as Obama’s job-killing policies. At one point, Sununu also raised the fact that President Obama has taken $1 million from Bill Maher, who has a “foul-mouth” toward women. Yet, for the media, that is no issue at all.

John Sununu Tells Soledad O’Brien She “Ought to be Embarrassed” for Pushing Obama Campaign Talking Points in Contentious CNN Interview – Video 5/30/12

Here is a flashback to April 27, 2008, when then candidate for President Barack Obama told Fox News Sunday that Jeremiah Wright “is a legitimate political issue,” as his former pastor of more than 20 years. Yet, whenever anyone asks why Barack Obama was comfortable listening to Wright’s anti-American rants for so long, the issue is treated as illegitimate. Obama himself said it is a “legitimate issue.” It demonstrates, like so many Obama associations, that he is a radical in his thinking and ideology. That’s why the impression he gave many Americans with his “Hope and Change” rhetoric in 2008 has been turned into a far-Left, Big Government, Social Welfare State reality in how he has governed. That’s who he is.

FLASHBACK: Barack Obama Says His Longtime Association with Jeremiah Wright “is a Legitimate Political Issue” – 4/27/2008

You know the whole “Bain Capital” attack on Mitt Romney is going nowhere when Barack Obama’s own White House Press Secretary has this much trouble giving a coherent response. Jay Carney was trying to answer a question on how what Romney did with private equity is different from Obama’s successes/failures with investing taxpayer money in “Green Energy” companies.

Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney Gropes for Explanation on Obama’s Failed “Green Energy” Investments with Taxpayer Money – Video 5/29/12

Here is raw video of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair being interrupted by a heckler as he was trying to give testimony during an inquiry into media ethics. The man managed to get into the room via what was supposed to be a “secure corridor” and shouted that Blair is a “war criminal.” Once the man was wrestled away, Blair set the record straight after apologizes were made to him for the interruption.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Interrupted by Heckler while Giving Testimony at Inquiry – Raw Video 5/28/12

Oh, the dangers of TOTUS. When you are such a great public Reader-in-Chief, you can’t be expected to actually think through what you are saying, can you? After all, that’s what it means to be a great public speaker nowadays.

Yesterday, President Obama angered the people of Poland and Polish-Americans by referring to a “Nazi Death Camp” as a “Polish Death Camp.” But remember in 2010 when Obama repeatedly read the word Navy “Corpsman” as “Corpse-man?”

H/T reader “Aquaviva” for reminding me about that.

FLASHBACK: Obama’s Navy “Corpse-Man” TOTUS Gaffe – Video 2010

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