MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Questions Obvious Timing of Media “Bullying” Hitpiece against Mitt Romney to Coincide with Obama’s Gay Marriage Support – Video 5/11/12 UPDATE: Family of Alleged Victim Says Story is Inaccurate; They Feel “Aggrieved” at being Used in Political Attack

Here is video of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough questioning the timing of The Washington Post’s hitpiece on Mitt Romney accusing him of bullying a fellow-student in high school who later came out as gay – a hitpiece that just happened to come out the day after Barack Obama endorses Gay Marriage.

“It seems to me that a story like this is timed to go along with the media celebrating Barack Obama saying he’s going to let states ban Gay Marriage.”

Willie Geist would only go so far as to say, “The timing is a bit curious.” Yeah, just a bit.

UPDATE: Now the family of the alleged target of Romney’s prank is saying the story is inaccurate, and they are “aggrieved” they are being used in a political attack. Ironically, it sounds like they feel bullied by this story.

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