Dick Morris Says Romney Actually Well Ahead of Obama; “Undecideds” Will break Heavily for the Challenger – Video 5/14/12

Here is Dick Morris a few days ago (Monday) talking about the state of the 2012 Presidential race. He points out he is about the only one saying Romney is likely to win in a landslide over Obama, based on the polling he is looking at, and that he is doing himself.

Morris’s main point is that “undecided voters” break about 90% for the challenger in a Presidential Election. So, if Obama is at 45% in the polls and Romney is at 46%, Romney does not have just a one-point lead. He’s actually ahead by around a 53%-46% margin because of how the undecideds will vote. As you look at Obama’s poll numbers, he is largely in a range between 43% – 46%. If he stays in that range as November approaches, there is virtually no way he can win, even if polls show Romney at around 46%. Most of the late-deciders will go to the challenger.

Via Rightnewz.com

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