Mitt Romney: “The Centerpiece of His (Obama’s) Campaign is Quite Clearly Character Assassination” – Video 5/17/12

Here is video from yesterday of Mitt Romney saying that the “centerpiece” of Barack Obama’s Campaign strategy is “quite clearly character assassination.”

Romney made the comment in the context of a report that a SuperPAC was considering an ad campaign focused on Obama’s long relationship with the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Romney said he would “repudiate” such a strategy, but used the opportunity to point out that Barack Obama is already fully engaged in a strategy of actual character assassination against him.

Many are criticizing Romney for his handling of this story. But I would not be too quick to assume that Romney is showing weakness here. The Romney Campaign over the years, going back to 2008, has shown a willingness to be very tough on opponents. Many times, attacks are not done by Romney himself but by surrogates or in ways not directly tied to Romney himself. In this case, the Jeremiah Wright issue is all over the news. People are being reminded of it, but Romney not only comes across as above the fray but uses the opportunity to point out that Obama is already engaging in the very thing the media is obsessing over with the story of this SuperPAC.

I, for one, think the Jeremiah Wright link to Obama is fair game. But Romney does not have to hammer on that issue himself. Others can and will keep that issue alive. But Romney must continue to work at defining Obama as the failure that he is, keeping the focus squarely on the Obama Record.


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