Here is a video message from Gov. Mitt Romney played at the National Right to Life Convention yesterday. Romney discussed his journey to becoming fully Pro-Life. Romney said if elected, “I will be a pro-Life President,” and said Barack Obama’s approach to abortion is “being cavalier about life” in dodging the question of when life begins.

Remember, Obama said it is “above my pay grade” to know when life begins. Yet, common sense would say if it is “above my pay grade,” and therefore, you don’t know, you would err on the side of life and not death. Romney pledged to stop the assault on religious freedom in trying to force people of faith to provide abortion services they believe is morally wrong.

When it comes to the issue of Life, the positions of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney today could not be more stark.

Obama Supported Infanticide as a State Senator in Illinois:

Mitt Romney Video Message to National Right to Life Convention; Calls Barack Obama’s “Above my Pay Grade” Dodge on When Life Begins, “Cavalier about Life”; Pledges to be a “Pro-Life President” – Video 6/29/12

“American Crossroads” is out with this new ad on Barack Obama’s breaking his promise to not raise taxes on any family making less than $250,000 a year. Instead, through ObamaCare, he raises taxes on “struggling families.”

New “American Crossroads” Ad Slams Obama for Raising Taxes on “Struggling Families. . . The Middle Class takes another Hit” – Video 6/30/12

Here is Bill O’Reilly giving his take on the Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling to uphold it as a tax. O’Reilly summarized in pretty clear terms what imposition of ObamaCare will mean for Americans. He flatly said it will mean many doctors are going to opt-out of the system, and only serve people who can afford to pay privately for their services. That will mean for everyone else, medical care will be lower quality and much longer wait times to get things done – rationing of care.

“Americans have to decide what kind of country they want, Laura (Ingraham). Because in November, if Americans go to the polls and say, ‘We don’t want the Government running everything’ – because that’s what Barack Obama wants. He wants a huge Federal Government to level the playing field and redistribute income. That’s what the man wants. It’s obvious this is another play on that. So, working Americans, middle-class Americans have to decide, ‘Do you want to be Sweden, or do you want to go back to the Free Marketplace?'”

Bill O’Reilly Sums Up the Stakes in the 2012 Election: “Americans have to Decide what Kind of Country they Want. . . Do You want to be Sweden, or Do You want to Go Back to the Free Marketplace?” – Video 6/29/12

Wow! When you see real reporting, it shocks you these days..

Here is a local news report from KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO that says Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill appears to be “hiding” from them on whether she continues to support ObamaCare in the wake of the Supreme Court decision upholding it as a tax. The report says they tried to contact McCaskill repeatedly to ask about her support of ObamaCare, but were given the runaround by her staff. It points out McCaskill is facing a tough re-election bid in Missouri, and reminded everyone she was the first U.S. Senator to openly support Barack Obama for President in 2008. Now she won’t even attend his re-nomination at the Democrat National Convention later this year. Outstanding report!

Local News Report Suggest Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill is “Hiding” from Questions on Her Support for ObamaCare – Video 6/28/12

A new ad from “Americans for Prosperity,” that hits Obama for claiming ObamaCare is not a tax – which the Supreme Court upheld as a “tax.” The ad points out “we’re already struggling” economically. “How can we afford this tax?”

New “Americans for Prosperity” Ad Dings Obama for His Massive ObamaCare Tax: “We’re Already Struggling. How Can We Afford this Tax?” – Video 6/29/12

This new ad from the “American Future Fund” demands “answers” and “accountability” from Barack Obama on the “Fast & Furious” Scandal. Good summary of the details of the scandal, and the effort by both Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to keep the evidence “from seeing the light of day.”

Via The

New “American Future Fund” Ad Recaps the “Fast & Furious” Scandal; Demands “Answers and Accountability” from Barack Obama – Video

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Ed Rendell is right. ObamaCare is “going to be an albatross” around the necks of Obama and the Democrats. Now that it has been upheld as a tax, Americans are going to enjoy hearing about all the little details in that 2,700 page monstrosity we have to look forward to. Not to mention the fiscal nightmare compounded by this multi-trillion dollar program that will require 21 kinds of tax increases to pay for. At the same time, more and more doctors are calling it quits rather than have to deal with this ridiculous system. Add it up and you will have less quality and longer wait times when you really need to get something done of any consequence. Rendell is right that the Democrats have to try and defend it, but that did not go so well in 2010. That’s why Democrats are running away from it in droves up to this point in 2012. Maybe defending it as a massive tax increase will be more appealing!

Via Hot Air

Dem Gov. Ed Rendell on ObamaCare: “It’s Going to be an Albatross around our Neck. Let’s Stand and Defend It” – Video 6/29/12

Nice ad, reminding everyone just who Barack Obama is and what he does. This Romney ad shows clips of Hillary Clinton saying in 2008, “Shame on you, Barack Obama,” for the vicious attacks on her during their primary campaign.

New Romney Ad Shows Hillary Clinton in 2008 Saying, “Shame on You, Barack Obama!” – Video 6/29/12

Another RNC web ad in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling upholding the ObamaCare mandate as a “tax.” This one shows multiple clips of Obama and his team saying ObamaCare is not a tax. “Just another broken promise,” as the “Democrats are celebrating another Obama tax increase.”

RNC Ad: “Today, Democrats are Celebrating another Broken Promise, another Obama Tax Increase” – Video 6/29/12

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday reacting to the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare:

“What we now have is the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. What we have been told the the Chief Justice and four liberals on the Court [is that] ObamaCare is just a massive tax increase – that’s all it is. Obama lied to us about that. The Democrats lied.”

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh on ObamaCare Ruling: “What we Now have is the Biggest Tax Increase in the History of the World” – Audio 6/28/12

Here is audio of Mark Levin last night reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the ObamaCare mandate as Constitutional on the basis of it being a “tax.” Levin called the decision, “absolutely lawless. . . a brutal assault on individual sovereignty.” Levin said everyone is shocked at what Roberts did because Chief Justice John Roberts “saved ObamaCare” with an utterly “concocted” approach.

Levin summed up Roberts’ decision as, “you can’t regulate inactivity but you can tax it.” This despite the fact neither the Congress nor the President ever used the word “tax” in reference to ObamaCare.

Mark Levin: Chief Justice John Roberts “Saved ObamaCare” with an Utterly “Concocted” Approach – Audio 6/28/12

Here is Dick Morris giving his political analysis of the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold ObamaCare as a “tax.” In short, Morris said “Obama won the battle, but he’ll lose the war.” Morris called this a “political disaster for Obama,” because it is an issue that is consistently 55-40% against ObamaCare among voters. Morris believes as time wears on, support will move to Romney as he makes the repeal of ObamaCare one of his two main issues, along with the disastrous Obama Economy. He closes by saying believes “Obama will rue the day that he won” in the Supreme Court.

Obama’s too egotistical to ever “rue the day” he did anything. He’ll blame someone else. But I do think this can galvanize support for Romney. Obama will likely get a short-term bump from the decision, but by the time the two conventions roll around in late August, the real state of the race will become much more clear.

Via HotAirPundit

Dick Morris: High Court ObamaCare Ruling is a “Political Disaster for Obama. . . Will Rue the Day that He Won” – Video 6/28/12

Perfect. This is the message from now to November 6.

“The Supreme Court may have made their decision. But the American people haven’t. . . Day One. Job One. Repeal ObamaCare.”

New Mitt Romney Ad: “Day One. Job One. Repeal ObamaCare.” – Video 6/28/12

The Fix reports Mitt Romney has already raised more than $2 Million on his website since the Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare.

Report: Mitt Romney Raises more than $2 Million on His Website in Wake of Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling – 6/28/12

A new Republican National Committee Ad is already setting forth the stark choice facing the nation in the November 6 Election. In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling upholding ObamaCare as a “tax.” the ad says “The final verdict is now in your hands.”

New RNC Ad Tells Voters: “The Final Verdict” on ObamaCare “is Now in Your Hands” – Video 6/28/12

Let Obama defend the ObamaCare “tax.” He said he would not raise taxes of any kind on people making less than $250,000 a year. The Supreme Court ruled today he already has with ObamaCare.

Remember Obama’s “No Tax Increases” Broken Promise – Video

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