Obama Adviser David Axelrod Asked Three Times if “the Private Sector is Doing Fine?” Refuses to Give Direct Answer in Rambling Responses – Video 6/10/12


If the Obama Campaign Team is not careful, their horrific attempts to defend Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” gaffe will do him more damage than the initial statement! Witness Chief Adviser David Axelrod today on CNN, where Candy Crowley asked him three times the simple question, “Is the private sector doing fine?” Axelrod would never give a direct answer and generally made a fool out of himself breathlessly trying to trot out every excuse and argument to divert from the simple question. But every time, to her credit, Crowley kept coming back to ask the question again.

A simple statement by Obama on Friday that “I misspoke” and obviously the private sector is not doing fine would have mitigated the damage. But Obama’s pride is keeping him from doing that – or is it his Leftist ideology that really does not care about the condition of the private sector. It’s the growth and flourishing of Government that thrills him and his people. At any rate, what they are doing is not working. Axelrod had better come up with a better answer soon. Even the liberal media is starting to get restless.

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