Ad for Missouri GOP Senate Candidate John Brunner is a Model for how the GOP can Run Against President Obama and House, Senate Democrats all over the Country – Audio

Here’s a model for how Republicans can use ObamaCare to run against both President Obama and Democrats in House and Senate races all over the country. It’s an ad for Republican U.S. Senate Candidate John Brunner, running in Missouri. He’s trying to get the GOP Nomination in August to run against Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in the Fall. The ad hammers ObamaCare as a tax increase and bad law, and it ties McCaskill directly to Obama and ObamaCare:

“Claire McCaskill was the deciding vote for ObamaCare. She will not vote to repeal it, but I will. As your citizen Senator, I’ll lead the fight to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with common sense reforms that will improve quality, lower cost, and give us all the freedom of choice in health care. The fast track to repeal ObamaCare is to defeat Claire McCaskill. I intend to do just that.”

We’ll see how thrilled Democrats are to defend their votes for ObamaCare in the Fall Election.

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