Is Tomorrow (Thursday, August 9) the Day Mitt Romney Announces His VP Choice? Bill Kristol Thinks So; Believes it is Down to Rubio, Ryan, Christie – Video

Will tomorrow be the day Mitt Romney announces his Vice-Presidential choice?

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol thinks so. Here is video of Kristol earlier this week talking to Stuart Varney on Fox News where he said Romney’s schedule is clear from late Thursday morning all the way through Friday of this week. He is scheduled to begin a four-day battleground state bus tour on Saturday. Kristol believes Romney is likely to announce his pick sometime Thursday mid-day or afternoon, and then go on the morning shows Friday to talk about his pick, and then barnstorm with his running mate on the bus tour. Sounds plausible.

Kristol also believes Romney is down to Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan or Chris Christie as the final three. Tim Pawlenty is also mentioned as being in the final four in a story out today.

I had thought the announcement would likely come next week after the Summer Olympics had finished. But we’ll see if Kristol is on the mark about tomorrow or Friday.

Via Mediaite

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