Could Barack Obama be Planning to drop Biden for Hillary Clinton? Obama meeting with Biden and Hillary in Oval Office Today – 8/16/12 UPDATE: Carney Says Biden will Remain on Ticket

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Could it be about to happen? If it does, it will make it very difficult to defeat Barack Obama. If Obama makes the move, it will be an admission he is in trouble without Hillary’s help:

WEEKLY STANDARD: Perhaps further fueling speculation that Barack Obama may replace Joe Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket with, say, Hillary Clinton, take a look at part of the president’s schedule for today . . . Will President Obama deliver the bad news to Biden at 10:15? And, in the 10:45 meeting, arrange the handoff to Hillary?

If so, there’s a nice condolence lunch with Biden to make him feel better set for 12:30. . . . Read More

UPDATE: Fox News’ Ed Henry has reported that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says Biden will remain on the ticket with Obama.

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