Barack Obama Tells David Letterman He Can’t Remember “Precisely” How Big the National Debt was when He Took Office – Video 9/18/12

The absurdity of watching the President of the United States talk to an in-the-tank David Letterman about the significance of the Nation’s Debt is just breathtaking. Of course, it’s really no different than watching Obama talk to just about every member of the liberal media. In some ways, a comedian actually asked more substantive questions than Obama has been asked in a long time.

But it gets worse than the setting. Barack Obama does not remember “precisely” how much the national debt was when he took office – Letterman suggested “10 Trillion.” And Obama certainly would not tell people he has ballooned it to $16 Trillion. But he actually says “We don’t have to worry about it short-term,” but that it does become a “problem long-term and even medium-term.”

Barack Obama has no intention of dealing with the National Debt. There is no urgency there, because his agenda is not fiscal responsibility – it’s creating the largest dependency class on the Federal Government that he possibly can.

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