Here is a new Mitt Romney web ad that reaches out to Hispanic voters, featuring key Republican leaders like Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Susana Martinex and others.

New Mitt Romney Web Ad Reaches out to Hispanic Voters: “We can Revive the American Dream” – Video 10/31/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney ad showing the kind “Change” Barack Obama has brought to America when it comes to Energy Prices.

New Romney Ad Shows the Kind of “Change” Obama has brought to America in Higher Energy Prices – Video 10/30/12

Here is video of Obama Senior Campaign Adviser David Axelrod on “Morning Joe” today where he said he would come on their show after the election and “shave off my mustache of 40 years” on air if Obama loses Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania – all states where recent polls show Mitt Romney gaining ground and closing the gap.

I doubt Romney wins any of those states, but let’s hope he does show Axelrod will have to do that!

Obama Adviser David Axelrod on “Morning Joe” Promises to Shave Off his Mustache On-Air if Obama Loses MN, MI, or PA – Video 10/31/12

Here’s a new RNC Ad as the 2012 Presidential Campaign is just six days away. It tells Americans “It’s time to vote,” and features Mitt Romney saying, “This is our time” to “take American back.”

New RNC Ad: “It’s Time to Vote, America. . . This is our Time” – Video 10/31/12

Here is aerial video footage showing the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York.

Raw Video Shows Devastation Left by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York – Aerial Video 10/30/12

This is great! Watch Steven Crowder demonstrate Halloween “Obama-Style!”

Have a great day everyone!

Steven Crowder Demonstrates an “Obama-Style” Halloween! – Video 10/31/12

This is a shocker. A new Detroit News/Glengariff Poll has Mitt Romney pulling to within less than three points of President Obama — in Michigan! This explains why the Obama Campaign started buying ad time in Michigan. They know they are in trouble in a state where Obama won by 16-points in 2008.

The obvious question here is that if Romney is within three of Obama in Michigan, isn’t he bound to be running strong across the country?

New Poll: Romney Closing in on Obama in Michigan – 10/30/12

Just one week before the 2012 Presidential Election, President Barack Obama’s Campaign is now having to go up with ads in Michigan – a state he won by 16-points in 2008:

Report: Obama Campaign Buying Ad Time in Michigan Just One Week before the Election – 10/30/12

Here’s video of Time’s Mark Halperin today admitting that the Obama Campaign is “at least a little bit worried” about Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney is making a push for votes there.

Via Battleground Watch

Time’s Mark Halperin Admits the Obama Campaign is “at least a Little bit Worried” about Pennsylvania

Here’s a strong new ad from Mitt Romney going after votes in Pennsylvania! Polls have tightened there, and this ad hammers Barack Obama’s War on Coal.

New Romney Ad Running in Pennsylvania Hammers Obama and His War on Coal – Video 10/30/12

Here is video of a new “Republican Jewish Coalition” ad featuring a woman named “Bryna” – a former Democratic Delegate – urging Jewish voters to “switch sides” and vote for Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama. She cited Obama’s desire to put “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel as a major reason for her switch.

New RJC Ad features former Democratic Delegate Urging Jewish Voters to “Switch Sides” and Vote for Mitt Romney; Cites Obama’s Drive to put “Daylight” between the U.S. and Israel – Video 10/29/12

Here is complete video of a rally held by Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday in Davenport, Iowa.

Via “Electad” on YouTube

Mitt Romney at Iowa Rally Contrasts what Happens if Obama is Re-elected with what He Will Do if Elected: “I Want to Take Us on a New Path to Getting America Strong Again” – Complete Video 10/29/12

Here is video of Paul Ryan urging the use of American Energy resources to help create 12 millions jobs and put people back to work – “Coal, Natural Gas, Oil, Renewables.”

Paul Ryan Urges Use of American Energy Resources to Help Create 12 Million Jobs in Four Years – Video 10/27/12

This is a GREAT new ad from Independent Women’s Voices (IWV). You just have to watch!

New “Independent Women’s Voices” Ad Features Woman “Feeling Guilty” about having Voted for Obama – Video 10/29/12

Gallup has posted information today from their polling on people across the nation who have already voted, and they find Mitt Romney leading 52%-46%. Among those who say they still intend to early-vote, they find a tie 49%-49%. But among people who say they will vote on election day, Romney leads 51%-45%:

It’s early – but those are good signs for Mitt Romney.

Gallup Survey Finds Mitt Romney Leading among Early-Voters Nationwide 52%-46% – 10/29/12

One of the best ads of the 2012 cycle. Simple, but so true.

New “American Future Fund” Ad Urges Support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: “These Hands Built America. . . These Hands can Build It Again” – Video 10/28/12

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