Timeline Shows Barack Obama and His Officials Pushing “Video” Theory for 14 Days as Cause of Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Video

Here is a devastating timeline on how Barack Obama and his administration spent two weeks trying to convince the American people and the World that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was the result of an anti-Islamic video rather than an act of terrorism. Perhaps most devastating in this video is footage of Obama himself at the United Nations on September 25 – 14 days after the attack – where Obama blamed the video no less than six times in his speech to the General Assembly. His spokesman, Jay Carney, on multiple occasions blamed the video, and said on September 19, “We do not yet have indication it was pre-planned or premeditated.” That’s 8 days after the attack!

Yet because Barack Obama uttered the word “terror” on September 12 in the Rose Garden, after having mentioned the thousands of deaths from the September 11, 2001 attacks, he is now trying to spin that into his having called the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism from the start.

The problem is, if that’s true (which it’s not), why did Obama, his spokesman, the U.N. Ambassador, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and many other officials push the ridiculous “video” theory for 14 days after the attack? Actually, if Obama knew it was “terrorism” on September 12 and still pushed that lie – it’s worse than if he really believed it was true. Something tells me Mitt Romney will make that point on Monday in the final Presidential Debate, which will focus on Foreign Policy. It would be too much to expect the Moderator, Bob Schieffer, to actually ask Obama a tough question on the matter.

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