Dick Morris Explains Why His “Landslide” for Mitt Romney Prediction was Wrong – Video 11/7/12

Here is video of Political Consultant Dick Morris on “Fox & Friends” this morning where he explained why his “landslide” for Mitt Romney prediction did not come to pass.

Essentially, Morris said what every other pundit and observer who got it wrong – including people like Michael Barone and Karl Rove – have said. The American Electorate has indeed fundamentally shifted to the Democrats – now at Democratic +6 or +7. It was +7 in 2008 for Obama, which conservatives chalked up to the one-time enthusiasm for Barack Obama. As it turns out, it appears to be more demographic in nature. Morris pointed out that the exit polls from yesterday revealed Hispanics, Blacks, and Young Voters are an increased portion of the Electorate. Morris said the new reality will make it difficult for any Republican to get elected nationally again.

I think Morris is right. I did not believe that – as he did not – prior to yesterday. But it is the new reality.

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