Sen. Diane Feinstein Says Gen. David Petraeus Will have to Eventually Testify on Benghazi “One Way or the Other” – Video 11/12/12

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Here is video of Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein saying Gen. David Petraeus will eventually have to testify about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack. Feinstein talked with Andrea Mitchell about how the handling of this entire mess with David Petraeus has been shocking to her, as the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Feinstein indicated she was never alerted by the FBI that an investigation of Petraeus was underway, and is concerned that other officials outside the normal loop of those notified of such matters knew about it before she did. She said Petraeus – who made a trip to Libya to investigate the Benghazi attack – will have to testify to her committee, probably in closed session, “one way or the other.”

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