Krauthammer: We Know have “Clarity” on the Questions Surrounding the Benghazi Talking Points: “Who Changed It and Why?” – Video 11/19/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer describing the current state of the Benghazi investigation. He pointed out we now have “some clarity,” with just about everyone accepting that the CIA did issue talking points indicating Al-Qaeda was involved in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. But by September 16, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was reading off different talking points that blamed the attack on an anti-Islamic video. As Krauthammer put it, the issue is:

“Who changed it, why, what exactly was the nature of the change, and – the most suggestive and damaging – was the change made to protect the Administration line that, in a heated election, Al-Qaeda was on its heels, which Obama was repeating at every stop in the campaign.”

Krauthammer pointed out that Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein has said that question is going to have to be answered – who changed the talking points and why?

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