Vandehei on “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations: “The Truth is there’s a Lot of Divisions Inside the Democratic Party over what to do on Entitlement Reform” – Video 11/20/12


Here is video of Politico’s Jim Vandehei discussing divisions within the Democratic Party over entitlement reform as it relates to the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. He explained that all the focus is on the pressure and problems faced by Republicans in the wake of their election loss, but that President Obama and the Democrats have some real divisions to deal with if a deal is to be reached. Vandehei said many Democrats serving in red states will likely join with Republicans on some of the tax issues, and on entitlement reform, particularly those that have to run for re-election in 2014. But the Left-wing base of the Democratic Party really does not want any reform of entitlements, something Republicans have said must be a part of any deal.

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