GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He’s Willing to “Violate the Pledge” to Not Raise Taxes to get Entitlement Reform from Dems; Won’t Support Raising Rates but Will Support Closing Deductions – Video 11/25/12

Here is video of GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham on “This Week” this morning where he said he is willing “to put revenue on the table” in Fiscal Cliff negotiations with President Obama and the Democrats, but only if Democrats are willing to actually do real entitlement reform. Graham said he would “violate the pledge” he made many years ago to not raise taxes, “for the good of the country.” Graham indicated he would not support raising tax rates, but by closing deductions that would raise taxes on upper-income earners.

I think it’s clear Republicans are willing to raise taxes in order to get “entitlement reform.” The problems is that Democrats have never been willing to actually cut entitlements and when they get their hands on more tax revenue, they grow the Government. How Graham thinks it will be any different this time around is beyond me.

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