Outstanding New York Police Officer Photographed Providing Homeless, Shoe-less Man with Socks and Boots – Video 11/30/12

More than a “feel-good” story. A life lesson.

New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo was photographed by a tourist helping a homeless man by providing him a pair of socks and boots. The officer had noticed the man had no socks or shoes, and had actually heard someone laughing at the man and making fun of him because he had no shoes. Officer DePrimo went to a shoe store and bought the man a pair of socks and boots and brought them to him. That’s when, unbeknownst to the officer, he was photographed while helping the man put the boots on. Officer DePrimo said the homeless man told him, “God bless you.”

Officer DePrimo let God use him to bless that man – and all of us with his act of kindness.

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