Leftist Sportswriter Attacks NRA as the “New KKK”; Ignores History of NRA Supporting Gun Rights of African-Americans During the Civil Rights Struggle – Video 12/3/12

Here is audio of far-Left sportswriter Jason Whitlock yesterday on radio actually attacking the National Rifle Association as the “new KKK” in the wake of Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide. Whitlock wrote a column blaming the whole thing on handguns, which leftist NBC commentator Bob Costas used in an on-air halftime rant Sunday Night to attack the right of Americans to own handguns.

This is beyond ridiculous. The NRA defends the 2nd Amendment rights of ALL Americans, no matter their race. They even support Democrats who support the 2nd Amendment, like Sen. Harry Reid.

Ann Coulter wrote a great article back in April detailing how it was the NRA who actually helped African-Americans in their Civil Rights struggle against Southern Democrats who used anti-gun laws to keep African-Americans from obtaining full rights as citizens.

H/T NewsBusters via Gateway Pundit

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