Sen. Marco Rubio Lays Out Vision for 21st Century America at Jack Kemp Dinner: Says America Needs more Taxpayers and a Growing Economy, Not Higher Taxes – Complete Video 12/4/12

A truly outstanding speech by Sen. Marco Rubio!

Here is complete video of Sen. Marco Rubio speaking at the Jack Kemp Leadership Award Dinner, where he was honored as a recipient. Rubio used the speech to set forth his vision for building a 21st Century America that keeps America an exceptional nation based on the principles that made the nation great. Rubio said America does not need higher taxes but more taxpayers that come as a result of a growing economy and good jobs.

Notice at the beginning, Rubio jokes with Rep. Paul Ryan, who was also at the event, about “Iowa” and “South Carolina.” I don’t think there is much doubt that Rubio is working toward a run for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination. Speeches like this one help lay the groundwork for a run, and help him hone his message for the campaign. This speech is an outstanding basis for a Presidential run. These are the themes that will resonate, not only in the GOP, but more widely across the nation. As he continues to speak and travel, Rubio will only get better at communicating his vision for the future of America. It’s going to be very interesting to watch!

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