House Speaker John Boehner says “No Progress to Report” on Fiscal Cliff; Blasts Obama for Not Facing up to America’s Spending Problem – Video 12/7/12

Here is video of House Speaker John Boehner today briefing reporters and telling them “this is not a progress report (on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations) because there is no progress to report.”

Boehner blasted President Obama for his obsession with raising taxes, which he said will only make the economy worse for small business owners. Boehner pointed out Republicans have put revenue on the table through cutting deductions and closing loopholes, but that Obama has been unwilling to take any steps in their direction.

Speaker Boehner pointed out the reality that even if Obama got all the tax rate increases he wants it will not even put a dent in the nations deficit. But Obama and the Democrats have no interest in dealing with the real problem – runaway Government spending.

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