Economist Art Laffer: “The Economy is Going to be Really Bad in 2013” thanks to Obama’s Tax and Spend Policies; Predicts GOP Will Retake the Senate in 2014 – Video 12/8/12

Here is video of noted conservative economist Art Laffer predicting “the economy is going to be really bad in 2013” thanks to the higher taxes, bigger spending policies of Barack Obama. Laffer said Obama will win his battle for raising taxes, and he thinks the Republicans need to pass a bill in the House extending the current tax rates for all Americans. That way, Democrats will have to go on record supporting a separate piece of legislation that raises taxes, which Laffer said will “Make them own it.”

Laffer pointed out there will be 33 Senate seats up in 2014, and predicted Republicans will retake control of the U.S. Senate because the economy will be terrible in 2013, 2014 under Obama and the Democrats.

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