NY Times Reporter on “Meet the Press”: There is a “Palpable” Sense of Cockiness at the Obama White House these Days – Video 12/9/12

Here is video of the New York Times’ Helene Cooper yesterday on “Meet the Press” where she said there is a “palpable” atmosphere of cockiness at the Obama White House these days about the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. She said Obama and his people have the attitude that they don’t have to negotiate, but can sit back and demand that others meet their demands – unlike their attitude in 2011.

I think we already knew this about them, but Cooper confirms it here. Therein lies the reason why they made the laughable proposal they did for big tax increases and virtually no spending cuts, along with a demand for Obama to get unlimited power to arbitrarily raise the debt-ceiling as much and as often as he desires.

Cooper also said, in the end, if the nation goes over the “Fiscal Cliff,” it is Obama who “would have to own it.”

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