House Speaker John Boehner: President Obama’s “Fiscal Cliff” Plan “Does Not Begin to Solve our Debt Crisis” – Video 12/12/12

Here is video of House Speaker John Boehner saying plain and simply that President Barack Obama’s “Fiscal Cliff” Plan “does not begin to solve our debt crisis.”

He’s absolutely right on that. Where he’s wrong, I believe, is not being more blunt about the reality that no one in the media will say: Barack Obama has no interest in “solving our debt crisis.” That’s not his goal. His actions speak louder than his rhetoric and reveal that his goal is to raise taxes and grow Government. Pure and simple. That has been his goal from the start. It’s what he meant by wanting to “radically transform America.” He is spending us into oblivion and systematically trying to make as many Americans as possible dependent on the state. That guarantees votes in future elections to perpetuate the growth of Government, and in his left-wing mind, the redistribution of wealth.

Spending cuts on entitlements is the only way to really deal with America’s debt problem. But that is simply not on Obama’s priority list.

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