U.S. Marine Jon Hammar Imprisoned in Mexican Prison since August; Chained to Bed; Sign a White House Petition Urging President Obama to Do Something about It – Videos

This is a travesty, and President Barack Obama should personally do something about it.

Former U.S. Marine Jon Hammar is being held in a Mexican Prison, chained to his bed, while demands are made of his family to pay money to keep him safe. Hammar was jailed after he entered Mexico with an antique firearm that he had declared and been told he could enter the country with in his possession. But upon entry, he was jailed. This was last August. August! Where is President Obama in this? Hopefully, pressure that is finally building in some media circles in reporting this story will force his hand to do something about it. Let’s hope and pray he is home by Christmas.

Sign the petition on the White House website urging President Obama to “bring John Hammar home.”

Below is Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson speaking on the Senate Floor yesterday about Jon Hammar’s captivity. He called on Mexico to release Hammar:

UPDATE: Here’s a CBS News report on Hammar that aired this morning:

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