House Speaker John Boehner Says GOP Ready to Move “Plan B” in the House on “Fiscal Cliff”; Would Extend Middle Class Tax Cuts, Put Pressure on Obama – Video 12/18/12

Here is video of House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor holding a Press Conference today about the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. Boehner said Obama is still dithering about whether to accept spending cuts as part of the plan. Therefore, Boehner said Republicans are going to offer “Plan B” that would go ahead and extend tax cuts on people making $200,000 or less, or couples making $250,000 or less, and would add tax hikes on people making over $1 million. The House may pass this as part of a bill on Thursday and send it to the Senate. This is what Boehner has essentially offered to Obama as part of a deal, and to put pressure on him, Boehner appears ready to pass this out of the House to demonstrate Republicans will not be to blame if no broader deal is agreed to.

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