Bill O’Reilly Questions Why Barack Obama has Not Acted to Free U.S. Marine Jon Hammar from a Mexican Prison; Calls on Mexico to Release Hammar by Christmas of Face U.S. National Boycott – Videos 12/20/12

O’Reilly asks why Barack Obama has not secured the release of U.S. Marine Jon Hammar, held in a Mexican Prison:

O’Reilly asks Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson why Obama is not acting to free Hammar:

Last night, Bill O’Reilly continued to highlight the plight of U.S. Marine Jon Hammar, who is being held in a Mexican Prison for no reason. O’Reilly asked why President Barack Obama has not secured the release of Hammar, a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Hammar has been in a Mexican Prison since August, chained to his bed for a good portion of that time.

O’Reilly asked Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson why Obama has not acted to free Hammar. Nelson was obviously uncomfortable with the question, and had no real answer, other than at one point saying Obama was very busy as President with other things. To his credit, Nelson has been working to secure the release of Hammar.

Today, O’Reilly called on Mexico to release Hammar by Christmas, or he said he will lead a national boycott against Mexico, calling on airlines not to fly there and Americans not to patronize Mexico.

With the pressure O’Reilly is putting on Obama and Mexico, let’s hope something happens before Christmas to bring about his release.

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