Obama Releases Letters of Distraught Children ahead of Anti-Gun Rights Announcement

Shameless manipulation. Now Obama’s White House is releasing what they claim are the letters of distraught children as a way to push his anti-2nd Amendment agenda. The word is, Obama will surround himself today with children who wrote letters in the aftermath of the Newtown School Shooting:

WEEKLY STANDARD: The White House today released letters from little kids pleading for gun control, just hours before President Obama is to release a comprehensive proposal to limit guns and ammunition. The letters were released to the Associated Press in what appears to be a coordinated effort to help shape the narrative the day of Obama’s announcement.

“Three days after six teachers and 20 students were killed by a rampaging gunman at their elementary school in Newtown, Conn., an 8-year-old from Maryland pulled out a sheet of paper and asked President Barack Obama for ‘some changes in the laws with guns,'” the AP reports. . . . Read More

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