NBC News Summary of the Mysterious Algerian Hostage Crisis – Video Report 1/17/13 UPDATED: Report Indicates “One American & Up to 30 Brits” Killed in Botched Algerian Raid; Al-Qaeda Kidnappers Want to Swap Remaining Hostages for Jailed Terrorists

Here’s a good rundown from NBC News on the mysterious Algerian Hostage Crisis. As of this morning, there is still a great deal that is unknown about the reported “rescue” mission attempted by the Algerian Military, and just how many casualties there were.

UPDATED 1/18/13, 9:25 AM ET: The UK Daily Mail has an article updating with more information on what has happened so far:

*’Battalion of Blood’ gunmen had one aim… to ‘kill infidels and Christians’: American and up to THIRTY Brits among dozens of hostages killed in botched raid on Al Qaeda gang at Algerian gas field

*An American from Texas is among those feared dead after the bloody raid by the Algerian military

*Of seven US hostages, two escaped unharmed yesterday from the hostage standoff Kidnappers want to swap two Americans for jailed terror figures

*Fierce gun battles erupted as troops moved in on the Islamists at a BP site in Algeria

*Source said 30 hostages were killed, of whom the nationalities of 15 had been established

*The Obama administration was not aware of the raid ahead of time

*Algerian officials said 18 militants have been killed but there were estimated to be 70 in total

*Captors are now threatening to attack other energy installations

*Algeria also ignored offers of help from the SAS and American special forces

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