Newt Gingrich on Piers Morgan’s Gun Grab Talking Points: “This is Lovely Propaganda. . . . Why is it the People who are for Gun Control Don’t want to Go to Chicago to Find Out why Gun Control has Failed So Miserably?” – Video 1/25/13

You have to love Newt Gingrich when ho runs circles around Leftists like Piers Morgan. Here he is talking about the only subject Piers Morgan discusses these days – banning guns – and he cuts right to the heart of the matter. Gingrich challenges Morgan, who is always thinking about what he’s going to repeat next, to have hearings on Gun Control in Chicago – the murder capitol of the USA, even though it has some of the strictest Gun Control laws. Morgan did not even attempt an answer. He just kept repeating his Gun grab talking points all through the “interview.”

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