Sen. John McCain Doggedly goes after Chuck Hagel on His Opposition to the Successful Surge Strategy in Iraq; Flashback Videos of both Hagel and Obama opposing the Iraq Surge – Videos

John McCain at his very best!

Here he is just obliterating President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense – Chuck Hagel – over his opposition to the “Surge” Strategy in Iraq that turned the war there around and was hugely successful. Hagel opposed it then, saying it would be the “most dangerous Foreign Policy blunder in this country since Vietnam.”

Hagel tried to avoid the question, and John McCain would not let him off the hook! Hagel eventually got his legs under him and tried to spin his assessment into his opposition to the War in Iraq in general. But he specifically opposed the Surge Strategy in 2007, saying that would be a disaster. It was not. Take a look at Hagel being confronted with this in 2008. George Stphanopoulos told him, “You were wrong about that,” and Hagel would not admit he was wrong then, even as he won’t today:

And this is who Barack Obama wants to lead the Defense Department?

Well, I guess we should not be surprised – Barack Obama was wrong about the Surge in Iraq too Remember:

It gives so much confidence to know these are the kind of people leading our country.

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