Bob Woodward Interview with Sean Hannity: It was Clear I was being Told “You Better Watch Out” – Complete Video 2/28/13

Mark Levin: Obama Trying to be an “Imperial President” who Seeks to “Smear and Crush His Opponents” – Video 2/28/13

CNN Reports Obama Set to Appoint Key Donors to High-Profile U.S. Ambassador Posts around the World – Video Report 2/28/13

Preview Clip from “Fox News Sunday” Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney: 2012 Election was “Like a Roller Coaster” – Video 2/28/13

Mark Halperin on Bob Woodward Exposing Obama’s “Sequester” Lie: “It’s a Little Embarrassing None of the Rest of Us was as Aggressive as He was” – Video 2/28/13

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Unable to Prove Obama’s Dire Claims about the Results of His “Sequester” Idea – Video 2/28/13


Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters Claims “Sequester” Cuts will Cost “170 Million Jobs” – More Jobs than there are in the U.S. – Video 2/28/13

Scarborough: Obama Adviser David Plouffe “Childish” for Tweet Comparing Woodward to Aging Baseball Star – Video 2/28/13

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama White House “has to be able to Take Criticism”; Admits “Not Enough Tough Reporting in Washington these Days” – Video 2/28/13


Pope Benedict XVI Leaves the Vatican for the Final Time as Pope – Video 2/28/13

Mark Levin Blasts House Majority Leader Eric Cantor as a “Little Weasel” for Threatening GOP Caucus with “Civil War” if they don’t Stay in Line – Audio 2/27/13

Gov. Jan Brewer Slams Obama Admin Release of Jailed Illegals: “I Think We should All be Fearful at what’s Going On” – Video 2/27/13


Obama Adviser David Plouffe Hits back at Bob Woodward; Effectively Tweets Woodward is Over-the-Hill – 2/27/13

Famed Reporter Bob Woodward Says Obama White House has Threatened Him for Calling Obama out on the “Sequester”: “You Will Regret Doing This” – Video 2/27/13

Secretary of State John Kerry Shows Off His French in Paris – Video 2/27/13


Confirmed: Dr. Benjamin Carson to Speak at CPAC 2013

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