Joe Scarborough Attacks Republican Senators John McCain and Ted Cruz for Asking Chuck Hagel Tough Questions; Calls them “Embarrassing” – Video 2/1/13

You know Chuck Hagel did badly yesterday in his confirmation hearing to be Secretary of Defense by how wildly the Left is spinning this morning to save his nomination.

Here is video from “Morning Joe” today of Joe Scarborough, who still calls himself a “conservative,” and a “Republican,” lambasting the Republican Senators who asked Hagel tough questions yesterday. While they say Hagel didn’t have a good day, they go on to essentially say it was because the evil Republicans asked him the wrong questions! Scarborough called John McCain and Ted Cruz “embarrassing” for “badgering” Hagel.

Joe Scarborough is the one who should be “embarrassed” for throwing in with the Left on just about every issue these days. Barack Obama nominated Hagel, and his record is fair game. He was confronted yesterday with his own words and actions, and his inability to explain them away is no one’s faults but his own.

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