Report: A “Nearly Identical Replica” of the Oval Office being Created for Obama Ahead of $376 Million West Wing/White House Redo

Real Clear Politics reports that the Oval Office in the White House is due for a major renovation over the next two-years, and a second Oval Office – a “nearly identical replica” of the actual Oval Office – is being built for President Obama in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building:

REAL CLEAR POLITICS: This summer there will be two Oval Offices in the White House complex, and it won’t be a case of double vision.

In preparation for a major, two-year renovation of the West Wing, the government is undertaking extensive work to complete a new executive office for President Obama at the south end of the adjacent Eisenhower Executive Office Building, RCP has learned.

The president’s facsimile Oval Office, created as a nearly identical replica of the most famous ovoid room in the world, is slated to be ready for occupancy by August if Obama is ready to move and if design challenges are resolved. The build-out of the new “West Wing quarters” inside the Eisenhower building has begun, but unforeseen construction hurdles may alter plans for the eventual placement of the new office inside the EEOB, according to several knowledgeable sources.

The timing of Obama’s move to a substitute executive suite is in part dependent on the president’s readiness to begin working in the temporary quarters for what could be as long as two years, sources told RCP. The West Wing phase of a larger, $376 million project begun in September 2010 was put on pause through last year’s election, although funding and contracts were ready, the sources said. If Mitt Romney had won in November, Obama would have handed decisions about whether and how to proceed with the rehab project to his successor, they added. . . . Read More

NOTE: The $376 Million renovation includes more than just the West Wing and began in September 2010. I edited the headline to reflect that.

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