Honoring Reagan’s Birthday: Ronald Reagan’s Speech Announcing His Run for President – 11/13/1979

In observance of Ronald Reagan’s birthday today, February 6, here is video of a great speech Reagan delivered in November 13, 1979, when he announced he would seek the GOP Presidential Nomination in 1980. Reagan went on to defeat Democratic President Jimmy Carter in a landslide.

It’s shocking to listen to Reagan’s speech. Much of what he says sounds like he could be talking about what we face today. Reagan rejected big government, and said the return of a strong economy would come through “tax cuts” rather than higher taxes on businesses and individuals. Put simply, Reagan said we need “better Government instead of bigger Government.”

“The 10th Article of the Bill of Rights is very explicit that the Federal Government should do only those things specifically called for in the Constitution. All others shall remain with the states or the people. We haven’t been observing that 10th Article of late. The Federal Government has taken on functions it was never intended to perform, and which it does not perform well.”

Via James Pethokoukis

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