Liberal Paul Krugman Admits Paying for Growing Government Will Require Higher “Middle Class Taxes” and “Death Panels” – Video 1/30/13

Here is video of liberal economist Paul Krugman speaking at a D.C. Synagogue on January 30, 2013, where he admitted that there will have to be an increase in “Middle Class taxes” in order to pay for the massively growing Government being built by Barack Obama and the Left. He also used the word “Death Panels” to describe the need to make decisions on not paying for health care where there is “no demonstrated medical benefits.”

This is what we have known all along, but what liberals have been unwilling to admit – particularly before the last election, and before ObamaCare was passed. The size of Government is unsustainable, and raising taxes on the “1%” will never be enough to pay for the Socialist state they are building. Eventually, they will come for higher taxes on the Middle Class, and ObamaCare will result in the best health care for the very old and the very sick being “deemed” of “no demonstrated medical benefit.” But when it’s your mom or dad, your grandma or uncle, it becomes a “death panel.”

It’s interesting when Sarah Palin used the term “death panels” to describe where ObamaCare will lead, she was vilified by the Left and their cohorts in the media. Now, it’s being openly used by one of their own to describe what is coming.

Via NewsBusters

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