Dick Morris on with CNN’s Piers Morgan: “I was Wrong, and I was Wrong at the Top of My Lungs” – Video 2/6/13

Here is video of Dick Morris talking with CNN’s Piers Morgan (Yes, he actually talked about something other than Gun Control!) last night, where he discussed his departure from Fox News. Morris admitted about the 2012 Presidential Election – “I was wrong, and I was wrong at the top of my lungs!”

That’s right – he was – and so were many others. We got it wrong too, along with Michael Barone, Karl Rove, and many others who genuinely believed Mitt Romney would win the election.

Morris said Fox had given him the opportunity of a lifetime, with 15 years on the network and 3,000 interviews. Morris would not say what his future plans are, but said he is “seeing other people.”

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