Dick Morris: Republicans Must make Fundamental Changes or “They Will Never Win another Election” – Video 2/6/13

Here is more video of Dick Morris on CNN with Piers Morgan where he talked about why Mitt Romney lost the 2012 Election. Morris believes the impact of Hurricane Sandy over the final weekend of the Election was big, with late-deciders breaking heavily for Obama. But the main reason Morris cited for Obama’s re-election is that there has been a “huge demographic shift” in the country in favor of Democrats. Morris said he believed it had peaked in 2008 “because of a charismatic candidate” in Obama, but they did not show up in 2010. But that coalition of minorities and single women “showed up again in huge numbers” in 2012 and swept Obama to victory.

Morris closed this segment by saying if Republicans don’t change in some fundamental ways to meet this demographic shift, “they will never win another election.”

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