With Barack Obama Looking on, Dr. Benjamin Carson Stands Up against Political Correctness, Massive Debt, and Government-based Health Care at National Prayer Breakfast – Complete Video 2/7/13

This speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson at today’s National Prayer Breakfast is nothing short of amazing!

Carson is Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, and he delivered a speech today with President Barack Obama present in which he stood up for freedom of speech, fiscal responsibility, and the power of the individual as opposed to the power of Government. He specifically spoke out against “Political Correctness,” and urged a tax system that does not “punish” the productive people of our country. He also proposed individual Health Savings Accounts for every citizen as a better solution to the Healthcare crisis in American than bigger Government. All with Barack Obama looking on.

As you listen to Carson, and look at Obama watching him, you cannot help but think what a different future America would have if Benjamin Carson were leading this nation instead of Barack Obama.

Note: We’ll post some key clips from this amazing speech later. . . .

Dr. Benjamin Carson at National Prayer Breakfast Explains “Political Correctness is Dangerous” in Front of Barack Obama – Video 2/7/13

With Obama in Attendance, Dr. Benjamin Carson Proposes Health Savings Accounts for Every American – Video 2/7/13

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