Dr. Benjamin Carson on Fairness of 10% Flat Tax “Tithe”: Everyone should have “Skin in the Game” – Video 2/10/13

With all the noise and foolishness that resides in our Nation’s Capitol these days, it is shocking to hear someone address the big issues with plain common sense.

Here is video of Dr. Benjamin Carson yesterday on Fox & Friends doing just that when it comes to taxes. He was asked about his speech at the National Payer Breakfast in front of President Obama, specifically his remarks essentially in favor of a “Flat Tax.” Carson explained his idea is based on the fact that the “fairest” being in the Universe – God – asks a flat 10% “Tithe” from everyone – rich and poor. If that is fair according to God, for everyone to have “skin in the game,” what makes us think we are smarter than He is? “Proportionality – that’s what’s really fair. A percentage.”

Perfectly said!

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