Esquire Interview: Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama bin Laden now Jobless; Offered No Protection by Obama Administration

Osama bin Laden Killed by U.S. Forces

Esquire Magazine is out with an in-depth interview with the Navy SEAL they say was the actual “shooter” who killed Osama bin Laden in the 2011 raid in Pakistan. The identity of the SEAL is not revealed, but he says he is without a job now and has been offered no protection by the Obama Administration from what he believes will be eventual retaliation for his role in killing bin Laden:

WASHINGTON SECRETS: The Navy SEAL Team Six “shooter” who put two rounds into Osama bin Laden’s forehead May 2, 2011, is jobless, struggling to pay basic bills and has been offered no protection from the retaliation he anticipates from al Qaeda, according to his first interview.

Only described as “the shooter” by Esquire, he also charges that the SEAL who recently wrote a book about the raid, celebrated in the new movie Zero Dark Thirty, wrongly took credit for killing the 9/11 mastermind. The shooter said that the other SEAL simply shot the corpse of bin Laden in the chest.

The long article in the upcoming magazine said that the shooter came forward to talk about the raid to bring attention to the lack of support offered by the Pentagon or administration for troops once they come home. . . . Read More

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