Krauthammer: Obama’s State of the Union Address Tonight Will be “Extremely Aggressive and Partisan” – Video 2/11/13

Here is Charles Krauthammer saying President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight is going to be “extremely aggressive and partisan,” because Obama is “still campaigning.” His campaign now is to divide and destroy the Republican Party.

As usual, I think Krauthammer is right on the money. Obama has been divisive from the start of his Presidency. The man who campaigned as a unifying force for the nation has been the most divisive President in history. He has done virtually nothing on a bi-partisan basis. He won re-election using class warfare, pitting one group against another. It’s all he knows. It will continue in tonight’s State of the Union Address.

It will be interesting to see how Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul respond to what Obama says. Rubio will give the official GOP Response, and Rand Paul will give the Tea Party Response.

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