President Barack Obama Delivers State of the Union Address; Calls for End to World Poverty and Pushes Gun Control – Complete Video 2/12/13

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Here is complete video of President Barack Obama’s one hour State of the Union Speech to Congress tonight.

The speech was a liberal’s dream wish list, with Obama proposing an incredible series of pie-in-the-sky ideas that don’t even begin to touch the reality of what our nation is facing. Obama proposed nothing in the way of serious deficit reduction, instead saying “we can’t just cut our way to prosperity.” The problem is – He has added six trillion dollars to the debt! He’s not cut a dime from the national debt!

Obama pledged to work with allies to end world poverty! World poverty! He wants preschool for every child in America. All with a nation that is already broke and borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spend.

He saved an emotional appeal for taking away the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans for the end, demanding a vote in memory of all those hurt by “gun violence.” I hope he gets his way. I hope every Democrat Senator and Congressman is made to go on record by voting against the 2nd Amendment. Harry Reid and Joe Manchin will love that. So will many other Democrats who don’t want to have to vote on this issue, and will likely vote against Gun Control if forced to vote.

He highlighted a 15-year old girl shot to death in Chicago, seeing no irony in the fact Chicago already has strict gun laws. Gun Control only takes guns away from the law-abiding – not the criminals. His assault on the 2nd Amendment will fail. The Assault Weapons Ban likely won’t pass the Senate and certainly won’t pass the House.

In summary, this speech was classic Barack Obama. A laundry list of Leftist ideas that will do nothing but make a bad economy worse. His Presidency is a disaster for the nation, and we just have to hope that very little of what he wants to do actually gets done in the four long years ahead.

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