CNN Actually Asks if Marco Rubio’s “Drink of Water” is a “Career-Ender?” – Video 2/13/13

You think there’s no media bias? This is just ridiculous.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks if Sen. Marco Rubio’s “Water Drinking” flap during his State of the Union response last night could “make or break” his political career. Seriously.

Yet the same media worked tirelessly to rehabilitate Barack Obama from his more than 20-year close relationship with his pastor who said, “God Da*n America.” They covered up his many radical associations, and this video below of Obama during the 2008 Democratic Nomination process being the only candidate on stage who didn’t have the sense to put his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was sung.

But they actually ask if Marco Rubio’s career should end over a drink of water? Methinks the Leftist media is scared of Marco Rubio. They are trying too hard.

Via NewsBusters

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