Obama Draws Dismal Ratings for State of the Union Address; Worst Since 2000 – 2/13/13

President Barack Obama

Not a lot of excitement for President Obama these days or his agenda. His State of the Union Speech last night drew the smallest viewership since 2000, considerably less that President George W. Bush’s first State of the Union message of his second term:

POLITICO: 33.5 million Americans watched President Obama’s State of the Union address last night, the lowest turnout since President Bill Clinton’s final State of the Union address in 2000, according to newly released Nielsen ratings.

Obama’s totals also marked a significant decline from the first second-term addresses of his predecessors. President George W. Bush’s first second-term State of the Union address, in Feb. 2005, drew 39.4 million viewers. President Clinton’s first second-term address, in Jan. 1997, drew 41.1 million. . . . Read More

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