Democrats in Missouri Introduce Bill to Confiscate “Assault Weapons” and “Large-Capacity Magazines”; Would Give Owners 90 Days to Turn them In – 2/14/13

Gun Control Agenda being pushed by the Left

Gateway Pundit reports that Democrats in Missouri have introduced (only introduced) a bill that would impose confiscation of legally-owned firearms on Missouri citizens:

GATEWAY PUNDIT: Missouri Democrats introduced an anti-gun bill which would turn law-abiding firearm owners into criminals. They will have 90 days to turn in their guns if the legislation is passed. . . Read More

This bill is not going to pass the Missouri Legislature. It is controlled heavily by Republicans. But it serves to show what Democrats across the country would really like to do. They are for the destruction of 2nd Amendment pure and simple.

The final part of the bill actually reads:

Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution:

(1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;

(2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or

(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.

5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.

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